AcroYoga Program
at Rubber Soul Yoga Revolution

These are six-week long courses led by Mara Price and Michael Black at Rubber Soul Yoga Revolution. The cost is $40.  Each class will include opening circle, warm ups/games/conditioning, discussion on safety, and the metta of AcroYoga. To sign up for the class, apply here.

Beginner session on Tuesdays March 14 thru April 18.
Week 1 - Terminology, bone stacking, body positions, points of contact, step to throne
Week 2 - Folded leaf, acropeutics, Thai massage
Week 3 - Shoulder stands, introduction to handstands
Week 4 - Star
Week 5 - Cartwheeling in, side star, tic tocs
Week 6 - Bringing it all together

2nd intermediate session on Thursday's March 16th through April 20th
Week 1 - Fundamental poses review: bird, reverse bird, back bird; chair, throne, foot-to-hand; cartwheels; shoulder stand; star
Week 2 - Front bird to throne to whale 3x, back bird front and back walkover 2x, shin to foot presses (base presses, flyer bows, accordion), standing on shins 3x
Week 3 - Foot-to-hand, 15 second hold low foot to hand, 15 second hold high foot to hand, 15 second hold low reverse foot to hand
Week 4 - Shoulder Stands and Standing: 15 second hold free shoulder stand, back bird to 15 second hold reverse free shoulder stand, step mount to reverse thigh stand, lift to thigh stand
Week 5 - Acropeutics, Thai massage
Week 6 - Drills and practice