This is for those who have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training.
Upon completion of this training one would receive the 500-hour credential except that this program is the test-run.
It is not yet approved by Yoga Alliance.

It is an experiment. Therefore the fees are different. See below.

number enrolled
(max: 16)

The training takes place at Rubber Soul in Athens, Georgia.
Friday night 7-10 pm
Saturday 8 am - 11 pm
Sunday 8 am - 5 pm

Dates: The training occupies 10 weekends in the fall of 2018, beginning in August and ending in December. Mostly it is every other weekend. The exact dates are August 10-12, 24-26, September 7-9, 21-23, October 5-7, 19-21, November 2-4, 18-20, Nov 30, December 1-2, and then the following weekend, which is December 7-9.

Commuting: Since the meetings are held on weekends, you may come in from out of town and stay over night at the studio.
The Logic of the Training: First we must back up and ask what is yoga and what is its goal? The answer comes from the Bhagavad Gita: Yoga is action without attachment to outcomes. It is pure process. And the goal is to realize the inside teacher, dharma, or being happy for no reason at all. This involves complete involvement in the present moment, relating to others without the walls of ego, and experiencing the joy of play. Therefore we must develop techniques to train students to recognize this in themselves and turn it into action. Asana and meditation become methods for self-discovery, rather than therapy for the musculature or conditioning for the meat sack (body). Often the "poses" of this yoga involve multiple bodies. This is because people don't begin or end at the boundary of the skin. We are always "other," both inside and outside. Group asana requires expanded awareness, openness, timely response, and cooperation. The overall goal of the program is to become more physically alive and ferociously honest.

OKB stands for Order of the Koshare Bodhisattva. The term "bodhisattva" means selfless servant, which is a practical way of talking about enlightened beings. "Koshare" refers to an ancient order of Hopi dancers & clowns who came from the clouds to make fun of humans.
Who should apply: This program builds on the training of Rubber Soul's Adventure Club. Yogis who have completed that program are the best prepared for this more advanced training. Tools from Adventure Club such as the sattvic diet, charting, wind instrument (pranayama), and quest for knowledge (satya) are also used here. However, anyone with a 200-hour YTT certificate may apply. It invites those who seek continued adventure in high rascalry.
The nature of the assignments:

Read approximately 8 books.
Watch about 8 films.
Work on a version of the chart, which keeps track of a host of daily practices, diet, and study.

Expect to make about 2 hours of effort per day.

This program has an arts component. Students must be willing to be seen by the public. It will culminate in performance(s).

1. Follow the directions of the director.
2. For no reason, be happy.
3. Be on time, not early or late.
4. Chart daily, with a steady aim at 50 points.
A typical week-end schedule:

There are breaks of about 10 minutes per hour, which may be expressed as 20 minutes per two hours, etc.


7-10 pm

8-10:30 am
Workshop: yoga asana, listening, the gift, "yes," taking turns, allowing the end, rediscovery of common objects, experiments in presence, training for samadhi, the pursuit of the soft brain.
10:30-12 am
Discuss book assignment
12-1 pm
Working lunch: discuss film assignment
2-4 pm
Workshop: group yoga (circle formations)
4-6:30 pm
Workshop: movement and encounters
6:30-7:30 pm
Working dinner: discuss sattvic diet & chart
7:30-10:00 pm
Movement meditation: putting it all together
10-11 pm
Feedback and methods
Teaching methodology

8-9 am
Chant & discuss
9-12 am
Visual art, meditation & mandalas
12-2 pm
Working brunch: Non-violent communication
2-5 pm
Circus yoga skills: practice, demonstrate & share; followed by a peaceful cool-down period

Fees and payments:

Since this training is not certified by Yoga Alliance (since it is an experimental proto-type for the 300-hour training that we hope to hold beginning Fall 2019), students may enroll at a reduced rate. Graduates may earn credit towards future accredited programs held at Rubber Soul.

Normal Fees
App fee
First Payment
Second Payment
New student
$1000 minus 10% per month prior to August.
July 30: $900
June 30: $800
May 30: $700
April 30: $600
May 30: $500
$1000 minus up to 100% based on participation
Graduate of Adventure Club

Special offer for this training only

$1000 minus up to 100% based on participation.

The first $100 of the second payment is forgiven.

Early admission into the YA approved program, assuming excellent participation.

Upon completion of this training, you will be considered a Graduate of Adventure Club: OKB for future fee purposes. You'd need to enroll again in order to receive the YA certificate, assuming that YA grants the program said status. What this means is that, assuming all goes well, you could receive a 300 hr diploma for free by enrolling in this exploratory training... and also earn money.

Ok, I want to do this.

To apply, send essay-length answers to these questions to calclements (at) gmail (dot) com:
1. What appeals to you about this program?
2. What goals do you have that this training would help to fulfill?
3. What does comedy have to do with the spiritual journey?
4. How do you feel about holding a vegan diet throughout the training?
5. What difficulties do you forsee that may affect your ability to participate in the program?
6. What circus skills have you developed and which ones would you like to obtain?
(for example, unicycle, juggling, magic tricks, acrobatics, mime, musical instrument...)

Enrollment is on a space-availible, rolling basis. Right now the Fall 2018 training is full. However, you can apply and be placed on a waiting list.

Very best wishes!


Cal Clements