FEES: Class donation is $5 minimum per class. You can make a bulk payment. In that case, keep track of it on the sign-in sheet. For example, if you give $20, then your first class is 1:4, second class is 2:4, etc.

LOCATION: 675 Pulaski St, 1400, Athens, GA 30601.

MISSION: Rubber Soul Yoga intends to provide community-based yoga at an affordable price. We define "yoga" broadly, to include many disciplines including meditation, healthy lifestyle, physical theater, and play. Starting with our own bodies, we want to change the world for the better.

VALUES: Rubber Soul welcomes people of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and religious traditions. We affirm the dignity of all people. We advocate for the rights of animals. May all beings be happy and free from suffering.

OVERVIEW: The core of yoga is breath--that is, connecting the breath to movement, seeing each pose as a container for the breath. The type of breath we practice in Hatha Yoga is specific: Ujjayi Pranayama (ocean breathing or victorious breath). It sounds rather like ocean waves surging in one's throat... or like the sound Darth Vader makes when breathing under his helmet. I know that isn't a very yogic association, what with Darth Vader zapping entire planets, but it's true! He's got that hissing in the throat. Try it now, if you like: use the same muscle you use to whisper to create a valve in your throat. Then slow down and deepen the breath.

Secondly (although of equal importance), yoga is about feeling good, right now, in the present. In other words, it is not about straining to fit into the postures... not about feeling inadequate if one can't touch one's toes without bending one's knees... not striving to be perfectly fit with perfect posture and perfect concentration... It is simply the connecting of the mind to the being-present In-the-body. The goal of our yoga classes is to practice that yoking of mind and body while moving through various poses.



Yoga Teacher Training : Next training begins in January 2019. Those who wish to deepen their experience of the benefits of yoga are encouraged to enroll in this program. Consider joining if you are curious about how your life would feel with greater disciplined conduct in areas of health, spirituality, and kindness. A big part of the program is about training new yoga teachers. The workshops will investigate asana (yoga poses) and human anatomy in detail. Students may register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT-200 upon completion of the program. More info will come available in May 2018.

Yes, we are OPEN. Every day...
including all holidays (except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day) and all weather (but don't drive if you feel that it is unsafe).

This is true of both Rubber Soul and LIBY.


We have a second yoga studio with the same mission as Rubber Soul. Let It Be Yoga (LIBY) is also by donation, with classes on a drop-in basis. If you haven't been to this studio, then you ought to visit if only because it has got to be one of the most beautiful yoga studios on the planet. You are surrounded by trees, the interior is all wood, and there are interesting art works hanging high up on the walls.

LOCATION: 100 Barnett Shoals Rd. very near downtown Watkinsville, in the Red Barn.

Most information is on this very page. If after reading it, you don't find what you're looking for, then write us an email.

CLASSES: All classes are regular yoga classes unless otherwise noted. They are appropriate for beginners and vary based on the teacher. Generally there's a warm-up, a flow through yoga poses, floor poses, and a relaxation. Everyone is welcome to take variations--and go at your own speed.

Schedule: Rubber Soul

Monday, January 15:
9:00-10:00am Anthony
4:00-5:00pm Nicole RESTORATIVE
5:30-6:45pm Mary Fenwick
7:00-8:30pm Julie

Tuesday, January 16:
9:00-10:00am Lucas
10:30-12:00am Jason YIN
4:00-5:00pm Judy GENTLE
5:30-6:45pm Ande KUNDALINI
7:00-8:30pm Bess
8:45-10:30pm Johnny ACRO

Wednesday, January 17:
10:30-12:00am Alex
4:00-5:00pm Kaiti
5:30-6:45pm Julie

Thursday, January 18:
9:00-10:00am Patty TAI CHI
10:30-12:00am Raquel
4:00-5:00pm Sydney
5:30-6:45pm Cal
7:00-8:30pm Cal CLOWN SCHOOL
8:45-10:30pm Johnny ACRO

Friday, January 19:
9:00-10:00am Courtney
10:30-12:00am Mary Fenwick
5:30-6:45pm Lauren Roland

Saturday, January 20:
10:30-12:00am Chanda

Sunday, January 21:
no classes

INSTRUCTORS: All instructors are volunteers. Therefore thank them after class with a formal bow--or perhaps--if you are feeling especially expansive--a giant hug.

Alex Aurand started practicing regularly in 2011 at her local Y, but it wasn't until she began practicing daily in 2016 on her own or at Rubber Soul that she realized the many mental and physical benefits of yoga. She received her 200 hour certification through Rubber Soul's Adventure Club in 2017 and can now unicycle. Her favorite parts of yoga are child's pose and savasana. Her favorite foods are black beans and vegan donuts.

Andē Harsimran Burke
took his first Kundalini Yoga class in 1977. He went through KRI certified training in 2001 and has been teaching since. He encourages Sadhana, daily yoga practice, at 4:00 am, preferably, and cold showers to heal the body and the soul!

Bess Matlock, 500-hr YT, teaches a fiery vinyasa class. She began practicing yoga in high school and teaching in college. She completed 200-hr training at Kripalu Center, 500-hr training with Shakti Initiation in Bali, and 9-month course in Ayurveda. She's taught a wide variety of yoga and meditation classes in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, and adolescent wilderness therapy.

Cal Clements
says it is normal to do yoga at least once a day--twice a day to begin a revolution. Cal is certified in Ashtanga Yoga from Downward Dog in Toronto and authorized to teach Kundalini Yoga by Sierra Hollister.
He has four university degrees, including a Masters of Library Science and a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. Cal feels most strongly about the plight of all the non-human beings and therefore eats a plant-based diet. Here's the specifieds of what he eats. As owner and manager of Rubber Soul, he has taught over 4000 hours of yoga, meditation, and Adventure Club, the 200-hour yoga teacher training program.

Chanda Clements is the manager and lead teacher at Let It Be Yoga. She completed Rubber Soul's Yoga Teacher Training (Adventure Club) in 2012. She teaches a great flow class with lots of breath and vinyasa. You'll like her unassuming ways and calm sincerity.

Evan Grovenstein
began intensely practicing yoga and meditation in 2011 after reading the yoga sutras which powerfully resonated with him. Since then he has been practicing either yoga or meditation daily. In his asana classes he enjoys teaching a challenging class for all levels but one that demonstrates some of the more intermediate and advanced postures for inspiration. In his classes, you challenge yourself in the first half only to let it all go in the second and he aims for a ten-minute Shavasana as he finds this to be one of the most important poses for self-actualization, especially for those who aren’t yet meditating. He initially did training with YogaFit in 2014 and began teaching in Augusta but he felt that it lacked authenticity so did his 200YT with Rubber Soul Adventure Club in Athens in 2017.

Ginny Baumgartner
is a graduate of the first and second Adventure Clubs that started way back in 2008. Her classes emphasize breath work, present moment awareness, and the body as a pathway to approach the habits of the mind that may not serve us. Peace and joy permeate the practice as we become fully in the now through pranayama and movement. The asana is informed by her extensive work with both horse and human bodies during her day job as a horse trainer. Attention to alignment, foundation and activation mark the instruction. Ginny believes that yoga is for every body, in every stage of life. Whether you are new to yoga, recovering from an injury, pregnant, or with a vigorous practice, this class will work for you. Expect to leave slightly sweaty and with a clear head and exuberant heart.

Jason Wurnig discovered yoga asana practice in 2009 and completed his teacher training with Bill Cottrell at Yogaful Day Shala in 2013.  Although his interests in yoga are eclectic, he has a deep appreciation for Yin yoga and its benefits for the deeper tissues and organs.   His practice is inspired by natural elements like the wind, the moon, the sun, and the stars.  He joyfully agrees with the assertion that when you gaze upon a mountain range, ancient trees, or the Milky Way on a crystal clear night, know that you are just as vast.

Lauren Roland began practicing yoga in 2013 as a way to rehabilitate running injuries. She quickly caught the yoga bug and began practicing yoga daily and teaching at the UGA recreational center. With her undergraduate degree in exercise science, Lauren believes yoga to be the most healthful form of movement to create balanced and functional bodies. She earned her 200RYT through Rubber Soul Adventure Club in 2017. Lauren's playful and creative flow classes will leave you sweaty and smiling!

Mary Fenwick Grovenstein started practicing yoga intensively five years ago in 2012. Mary Fenwick considers yoga an integral part of her own spiritual path and is open to speaking with any students about kundalini rising, based on her personal experience. Her practice infuses many traditions of yoga ranging from kriya yoga to yin yoga to ashtanga yoga to vinyasa. She knows hundreds of hand mudras which she incorporates into vinyasa flows and she loves leading meditations with sequences of mudras. She trained with Rubber Soul Adventure Club and received the RYT-200 certification this past May 2017. She was a regular practitioner at Rubber Soul for four years before becoming an instructor.

Morgan King, CYT-200, began her yoga practice shortly after starting her first year at UGA in 2014. She was looking for a way to stay physically fit after life as a competitive cheerleader, but soon found that yoga embodies much more than external appearances. For her, yoga is about uniting the body, mind, and spirit with the present moment. Interested in deepening her practice, she completed Rubber Soul's Yoga Teacher Training in 2016. Her meditation classes touch on many modes of meditation within each class. Her yoga classes start with slow stretching, then slightly quickens for some warmth, and ends with a long and relaxing shavasana. She will be going through another round of Rubber Soul's Yoga Teacher Training in the spring of 2018, during her final year at UGA. After graduating with a degree in Social Work, she plans to incorporate yoga, plant-based eating, and environmentalism into the social work field. She is very grateful to live a life of helping others while helping herself through yoga, veganism, and appreciation of the natural world.

Patty Riehm says, "I have studied Tai Chi for 20 years and been an instructor for 15. I am passionate about the difference this has made in my life and want to share that experience with others. Teaching people is what I do in my work life as well, so it's only natural that this would spill over into my non-work life. I love being able to share this particular knowledge to anyone who wants to learn it."

Raquel Durden began her yoga practice in 2007 and received her 200-hour certification through Rubber Soul's Adventure Club in 2017.  She wears many hats: retired (US Army) veteran, cancer survivor, vegan, mom, wife, part-time professor, prayer warrior, dog lover & full-time encourager. Her current mantra is "be kind, be SAFE & lean in to life!" She hopes to share this mantra with others both in and out of class.

Sydney McCall has been practicing yoga since 2014. After sustaining injuries that left many forms of exercise unavailable to her, Sydney discovered yoga and healed her body. She earned her 200hr certificate through Rubber Soul’s Spring 2017 Adventure Club. Sydney is an aspiring nurse practitioner with an interest in health advocacy. She has a degree in Health Promotion and Behavior and hopes to work on a community level, helping people heal their bodies through diet, exercise, and a practice in mindfulness. Sydney believes in the importance of human connection and she will greet you at the door before her class. Her class seeks to help you feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready to finish your day.

Schedule: Let It Be

Monday, January 15:
9:00-10:00am Alex
10:30-12:00am Chanda GENTLE
5:30-6:45pm Chanda

Tuesday, January 16:
10:30-12:00am Raquel GENTLE
5:30-6:45pm Meg

Wednesday, January 17:
9:00-10:00am Chanda
5:30-6:45pm Jason YIN

Thursday, January 18:
10:30-12:00am Julie YINYASA
5:45-7:00pm Lauren FLOW & RESTORE

Friday, January 19:
10:30-12:00am Jason YIN

Saturday, January 20:
9:00-10:00am Susan
11:00am-12:30 Kim

Sunday, January 21:
5:30-6:45pm Meera

ACRO YOGA: We used to have this class as a series. It is now a drop-in class appropriate for beginners. You don't need a partner to attend.

CLOWN SCHOOL: Open to everyone of all ages and experience levels, these classes introduce the art of clown.

GENTLE YOGA: These classes are great for beginners as well as everyone who would like to relax, stretch, condition the body in non-vigorous ways, and generally take some time out to enjoy the moment. There will be a mix of floor poses, easy standing flows, and a longer restorative pose (using bolsters, blankets, blocks, and eye pillows). 

KUNDALINI YOGA combines all the yogas, with mantra, mudra, bandha, pranayama, and asana. Each class has a specific healing objective. Every class ends with a meditation.

TAI CHI: Tai Chi is know as meditation in movement because it derives its meditative value from your focus on its myriad components as you go through the form. There are 108 moves in this
Yang Style, Traditional Long Form. You move from one to the next in a seamless, free flowing fashion. It is quiet, peaceful, and restorative. It is known to improve balance and--based on my own experience--the focus on balance in your physical body extends itself to a balanced life. There is great focus on the body's core and, accordingly, Tai Chi is good for your overall health. You will be taught all of the moves and the principles that guide them. All levels of experience are welcome. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to practice barefoot or in sock feet. Shoes are not helpful unless they are specifically tai chi shoes.

YIN YOGA: Postures are held for several minutes targeting connective tissue. The class typically begins with a slightly more vigorous period and settles into yin postures for the remaining hour. Yin style is simple and direct, but not necessarily easy or comfortable. Often the challenge in this type of class is handling one's mental state during the long stillness of the postures. The class is appropriate for beginning through advanced practitioners as modifications and use of props are encouraged.


SUGGESTIONS (and gentle understandings) FOR STUDENTS

We're pretty easy-going, but we do request that you arrive 10 minutes early, take off your shoes when entering the studio, turn off the ringer on your phone, and avoid wearing strong perfumes or deodorants. 

2. When you enter the practice space, sign in and donate $5 or more.

Wear exercise clothing. Form-fitting shirts are best so that during forward bends or inversions your top won't fall around your face. We practice barefoot (in general--that is--you can wear socks if you like).

Bring your yoga mat. If you forget or don't have one, you can rent one for a dollar.  (Note: Having your own mat is most hygenic and therefore recommended.)

5. When returning the blankets, stack them neatly--the fringe side to the wall. This is very important.


Rubber Soul Yoga Revolution is located in the Leathers Building at 675 Pulaski Street (in Athens, Georgia). Pulaski begins at Broad Street. Then it crosses Prince Avenue and ducks into a neighborhood. The Leathers Building is about three blocks into this neighborhood, just before the railroad tracks. We are about halfway down the building, in suite number 1400. Come in through the back door (near the railroad tracks). here's a MAP.

Walk around the right side of the building, along the railroad tracks. Our door is about halfway down. There's a small sign on the railing that says "Yoga."

We lock the doors once class begins so plan to come early.

leathers building in a storm


Let It Be is a located at 100 Barnett Shoals Road in the town of Watkinsville. If you are in downtown Watkinsville around the Town Center and driving towards Jittery Joe's, then turn left at the 5-way intersection, heading across the railroad tracks. That is Barnett Shoals Road. Go 0.6 miles and turn right at the Red Barn.

You can park anywhere along the right side of the barn. Or, if there is no room there, then park down in the circle.


All students must sign in when coming to class. The sign-in is also a waiver, which you can read on every page of the sign-in sheets. If you are under 18, you need to have a guardian sign for you. If your guardian isn't coming to the first class, then print the waiver out and bring it along. This will work for all subsequent classes.


I'm new to yoga; what level class should I take?
Gentle Yoga is an excellent choice. Or try any of the classes listed as "Yoga." You are welcome to join in. The first few classes may feel a bit awkward, but soon you'll have a good sense of how it is done. Why not give it a try and see how you like it? At any time you can modify poses or rest.

How does the library work?
The Rubber Soul library is entirely straight-forward. You deposit $20 (there is a cute little envelope to put it in) and check out one book at a time. You can keep it for 30 days. If it is still not back in 90 days, you lose your deposit. Otherwise, you may have your deposit back whenever you are ready to stop reading, move towns, or pay rent. We keep the check-out cards in a rather odd glass case with a strange fabric animal housed at the base.

Can an instructor come to my house, group, dorm, special event? 
Yes, possibly.  The rate is $50/hour for individual instruction and $80/hour for group classes. If you are outside of Athens, it is $1/mile additional measured from our studio. Write to Cal Clements (the email is below) with your details.

I think I'm ready to get a mat... what sort of mat ought I to buy?
I'm most in favor of the Jade/Harmony Rubber Mat because the grip is excellent, the materials are natural, and the price isn't too steep. I myself (this is Cal talking here) use the Manduka BlackMat which we have as studio mats. It is quite sturdy, doesn't absorb moisture, and ought to last *forever* but it is really heavy so if you are on a bike or walking I wouldn't buy that one.

Can I redesign your website?
No. We like it retro. It is actually an art form called web brutalism

Has anyone written a testimonial about Rubber Soul?
Here's the first interview about Rubber Soul by Nico Issac in 2006.
Here's one by Lauren Steffes.
Here's some thoughts on the value of charting by Elizabeth Brantley.
Here's a portrait of Cal Clements by Ellen Eison called "What Is A Yogi" from 2017.
Here's an invitation to attend a class by Amanda Solberg:

I'm planning on being at Rubber Soul Yoga Revolution in the Leathers Building on Pulaski in Athens, GA tomorrow morning for the 10 AM class, so if that sounds at all interesting to you, bring yourself! Thinking, "...I don't know...whenever they say downward dog is a resting pose, I really just want to be in the fetal position!"? Well, I will be not doing a single pose as instructed, so feel free to break free and get yourself into whatever physical position you want to be in (ALWAYS!). Self truth! Freedom! Breathing! It's what yoga's all about. Put your forehead on the mat the entire time. It's been done before. Come chill. Come claim some sacred space. My mat is a launching pad for the rocket ship of my soul. Doing nothing, sitting still, letting my head hang down, and closing my eyes, I travel across the universe right through me, and energy reverberates through you and comes back to me, and I know we are one! It all starts with a willingness to walk hand in hand with ourself, to take a chance on not being scared of ourselves. I'm a connoisseur of good feelings, and Rubber Soul is just about the healthiest good feeling around. Right next to hugs, lettuce, laughing, and crying. And sometimes you can get all those things at Rubber Soul, too!

More questions?

Please address them to Cal Clements by email: calclements (at) gmail (dot) com.

Questions about Let It Be can be sent to Chanda at chandaclements (at) gmail (dot) com.